Monster Concert Performance Schedule

Monster Concert, October 22, 2016
Schedule of Performances in PAC

Orchestra / Ensemble
4:00pmClint Small Middle School Sinfonietta Orchestra
3:30pmO. Henry Middle School Concert Orchestra
Martin Middle School Chamber Orchestra
Martin Middle School Guitar Ensemble
4:30pmO. Henry Middle School Camerata Orchestra
O. Henry Middle School Intermezzo Orchestra
5:30pmCovington Middle School Orchestra
Crockett High School Freshmen Orchestra
6:00pmClint Small Middle School Chamber Orchestra
6:30pmO. Henry Middle School Chamber Orchestra
6:45pmO. Henry Middle School Mariachi
Crockett High School Mariachi
7:00pmKeynote Speaker: Jonathan Stoffregen
7:10pmAll Beginning Students
7:45pmAustin High School Camerata, Philharmonic, and Recital Orchestras
Crockett High School Intermediate Orchestra
8:00pmLanier High School Orchestra
8:15pmCrockett High School Orchestra
Austin High School Chamber Orchestra