About AHS Orchestra: More

The Orchestra Program at Stephen F. Austin High School
is highly regarded by the faculty and student body. The orchestra enjoys a well-decorated history with awards coming from state and national music festivals as well as a lengthy list of achievements by individual members. School-wide assemblies, such as Stephen F. Austin’s birthday anniversary and Dedication Day, are examples of performances when the entire student body has the opportunity to hear the orchestra perform. Many convocations, receptions, and ceremonies include music provided by orchestra students.

The orchestra takes great pride in claiming graduating class valedictorians and salutatorians, National Merit Scholarship Finalists, Honor Roll students, and National Honor Society members in addition to musical alumni encompassing levels from community orchestras to the New York Philharmonic.

Along with school’s proud history, the Austin High School orchestra finds its roots firmly in place and documented from as early as the 1920s. The orchestra of today takes great pride in its past and assumes no less seriously its place in the present.

If current trends continue, tomorrow’s adults will have more leisure time than ever before. Music educators have unparalleled opportunities to guide young people into a worthwhile use of this increased leisure time. With these opportunities come the responsibility for raising the quality of and the standards for both listening and performance. The orchestras in our schools provide that opportunity for students to have an early involvement in music that will grow and enrich their adulthood.

The objective of the orchestra program at Austin High School is to provide students the opportunities to express themselves in some form of musical activity. The child who is involved in the performance of music today is the future adult who will be interested in and will enjoy music, ensuring its vitality in our culture.

Furthermore, a sense of personal pride and satisfaction in meeting new and different challenges can be experienced through membership in orchestra. Playing a stringed instrument is a very personal endeavor and a means of expression that requires commitment of one’s physical, emotional, and intellectual abilities. The discipline and skills learned from membership in orchestra will be of great benefit in the years to come, regardless of one’s profession or vocation.

The orchestras of Austin High School welcome you and your family into this exciting and unique opportunity. Each member is vital to the continued success of the orchestra program. Through commitment to hard work and team effort, we will be able to achieve even higher levels of success and self-fulfillment — together.